This notice is to introduce Competitive Computer Resource owned by Amy Kesler. I've known and worked with  Amy for over four years. She is very client-focused and provides excellent service.  Last year, Antares Development partnered with Competitive Computer Resource to launch In Sync Web Design.

As of June 1st of this year, Antares Development will cease business operations. I feel confident that Amy will be able to help you to be successful now and into the future with your web service needs.

Your current web site is being moved to In Sync Web Design without any change in services or costs.  I will be working closely with Amy to ensure a smooth transition over the next few months. She will be in touch by email and telephone to introduce herself to you. Her phone number and email are 913.825.2587 and

Best Regards,

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Lance Leighnor
President - Antares Development Inc.

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